The 1st Great Spark War was a major space conflict that happened over Tureens,a planet that has a rich resource of Delta Spark,an important resource for trading between galactic nations.

Start Of War Edit

There are many reasons why the war started.The list below shows few of them:

  • The Superior Fists Union(SFU)is already jealous at the Ark League(AL)for taking over one of their colonial planets,DaRei.
  • Delta Spark provides 97 percent of energy to all spacecrafts in space and ensures continuos energy.
  • SFU longed to eradicate the AL from the universe market over military operations.
  • So far,SFU always had tiny conflicts with AL in space.So both sides took this as another competition.

Events Of The War Edit

At 3465,it was clear that SFU's goal is to hog Tureens to themselves completely.The AL,the major rival,obviously will also join in this competition.Immediatedly,SFU retaliated by sending out its Empire Fleet,while the AL sent out its Royal Fleet.Shortly after they came into contact,the flagship of AL,the HellRaiser,fired at the Empire Fleet.Soon,there was a huge explosions as both sides sent their troops to the surface while dogfights ensued in space.Major Events of The War are as follows:

  • The Battle Of The Har Canal
  • The Battle Of Fort Arge
  • The March On Town LO
  • Operation Taken
  • The Battle Of Kraife Mine

End Of The War Edit

The Spark War lasted for a complete 3 years before leaders of SFU and the AL had to sign a treaty as the war was too costly to carry on.Both fleets suffered immense casualties with millions of personnel dead or wounded.They decided that the Tureens will be a free spaceport for all ships to refuel and resupply.Today, Tureen is bustling with traders and ships.

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