Start Of The War Edit

32 years after the 1st Great Spark War on Tureens,peace returned and both the SFU and the AL no longer had conflicted with each other.However,this peace was shattered when Planet Lulu,a SFU colonial planet,came in attack by the International Federals United(IFU)for the planet's massive Delta Spark Core.

Events Of The War Edit

The SFU suffered massive civilian deaths from the IFU's orbital cannons.City were bombed to waste and every battalions on the planet were scrambled.Dogfights and urban street fightings were the most common.Millions sacrificed in the defence of each city,town and village against aggressors.Major battles are as follows:

  • The Battle For Er Lamin
  • Operation Repel
  • The Battle Of Lauz
  • The Invasion of SFUS Zeus
  • The Battle Of Minostone

End Of The War Edit

The war took on a sharp turn when the SFU commandos successfully infiltrated and forced the IFU's flagship,IFUS Creature to fire on their battalions and ships causing incredible deaths to the IFU.The IFU eventually retreated in defeat,leaving the people of Planet Lulu to cheer in triumph.

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