It was year 2156.

January Edit

I was just another ordinary guy who goes to work,eat and watching the game like everyone else in America.But that's not what we wanted,it's the damn nazi's who took over a century ago forcing us to be normal Joes.I heard there were resistance in Russia fighting and took over one of their factories.Nazis called them 'scum' and 'criminals' but for some reasons,I hoped that the resistance could win and take back what is rightfully ours.

February Edit

The Resistance won again.They managed to take Russia and Belgium.Now there are resistance everywhere.I heard on the news that Beijing was in flames,Manchester together with Tokyo are bombed by 'terrorists' and there was a heavy shootout in Barcelona.The German Police has arrived at my town and sealed it off.Now no one can leave or enter.I guess my family won't be going on a field trip for a while.

March Edit

A nazi barged into my house yesterday.He shouted in german,demanding us to own up who tossed a rock on an officer's head days ago.I looked at my son's cheeky smile and I already knew what happened.I charged at the nazi and took out his knife and stabbed him until there is no more movement.Thank god nobody noticed he haven't came back for dinner.

April Edit

More news about the Resistance.They said that there were bombings in New York and California.China,Japan,England,Brazil were all liberated.More and more people are getting enthusiastic and joined the resistance.There were attempted raids on the German Police HQ in our town today.Guns were fired and people cheered when it was finally overruned after a 4 hour siege.I'm thinking of joining the Resistance.My wife also approved me.She said:"Free the world."

May Edit

Yesterday we had our first mission.Our town resistance would free Chicago which had been under lockdown since 2 months ago.I was assigned to the Hit-And-Run Squad.Our mission was very simple.Simply throw a bomb at all major blockades of the city and run off.We managed to successfully bombed huge holes over the blockades,followed by waves of angry folks.Without blockades' defences the Nazi's are crushed within an hour.Anyway,that city threw a huge party and 4 times people joined the resistance.

June Edit

From what I heard from BBC,Canada today declared independence together with the whole of South American countries.Nazi Army and Luftwaffe forces are in full retreat mode.The German Navy had suffered heavy casualties in the Pacific thanks to the help of the American Navy,Imperial Navy and the Royal Navy.Singapore and Indonesia's Nazi Guards are completely wiped out.Washington's White House had been assaulted by the Resistance,causing the remaining Nazis to surrender.

July Edit

"Today,the people of the world celebrates the end of Nazi terror reign at 3 this afternoon after the heroic Resistance slaughtered through Berlin and confirmed stabbing Duetcher (Nazi Leader) in the heart.We will celebrate with great joy today while remembering the dedication of those people who fought for humanity's freedom.God bless them."Anthony Airlister,new US president. Edit

I threw my gun away and ran into my family's arm.


SIGNED OUT AT:12/7/2156

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